Sponsorship Opportunities

GOWS-J 2023 is seeking sponsors that will partner with the organizer and co-organizer to bring about a successful event.GOWS-J is supported by numerous international companies in various fields related to offshore wind power. As well as supporting the event economically, our sponsors also play a vital role as important participants in the event itself. For sponsor companies, the event is not only an ideal venue to increase brand awareness among a wide variety of people and companies involved in the offshore wind power industry around the world, but also offers an unparalleled opportunity to discover new partners and grow their business. Sponsor companies are guaranteed priority treatment that will allow them to maximize these benefits.We look forward to receiving your sponsorship applications.

Sponsorship Types

There are two types of sponsorship: main sponsorship, for sponsoring the summit as a whole, and sub-sponsorship (branding sponsorship), which allows a company to increase the visibility of its brand.

State of Conference in GOWS-J 2022
State of Exhibition Booths in GOWS-J 2022


(Branding Sponsorship)

GOWS-J will offer numerous opportunities for sponsor companies to raise the profile of their brand with summit participants. Companies may apply to be sub-sponsors only or they may apply to be both main sponsors and sub-sponsors. All sub-sponsor rights are exclusive to each other.

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Official Dinner Sponsor


・Vailed for Official Dinner Party on October 12th
・Welcome speech by a C-level representative
・Participated in Kagami-Biraki
・Displayed Sponsor’s name on venue signage
・Advertising in Conference Program (1/2 page)
・Invited to Sponsor Dinner on 11 Oct. (2 persons maximum)
・Provided free Conference passes (2 persons)

USD 16,920

(Consumption Tax 10% included)

Lanyard Sponsor


・Sponsor’s name (or Logo) will be printed on Lanyard    together GOWSJ Official logo
・Distributed 1,000 pieces
・ Provided free Conference pass (1 person)

USD 8,460

(Consumption Tax 10% included)

Delegate Bag Sponsor


・Sponsor’s name (or Logo) will be printed on Delegate      Bag (Eco-friendly Bag) with GOWSJ Official logo
・Distributed 1,000 pieces
・Provided free Conference pass (1 person)

USD 6,380

(Consumption Tax 10% included)

Coffee Sponsor


・Set up roll-up banners near coffee stands (2 places, free     2 banners production)
・ Provided free Conference pass (1 person)

USD 6,380

(Consumption Tax 10% included)

Lunch Buffet Sponsor


・Set up roll-up banners at  Lunch Buffet Hall (2 places,    free 2 banners production
・ Provided free Conference pass (1 person)

USD 6,380

(Consumption Tax 10% included)

Note: GWEC/JWPA members’ discount is not available on prices for sub-sponsorship (branding sponsorship).

How to apply for Main Sponsorship, Sub-sponsorship

If your company would like to be a main sponsor and/or sub-sponsor for GOWS-J 2023, please do the following.

How to apply


Confirm the attached sponsorship terms and download the application.


Send your completed application form to the GOWS-J Organizing Office (E-mail: gowsj@jwpa.jp).The application deadline for the first round is June 30, 2023 and for the second round September 10, 2023.


The Organizing Office will send your ”Sponsorship Certificate” as a GOWS-J 2023 sponsor, together with an invoice for the sponsorship fee. The invoice is due 60 days after the issue date.

Note: Main sponsorship applicants who apply in the first round will receive priority for session talk time slots and exhibition booth rights.
          Sub-sponsorship (branding sponsorship) is limited one company per item on a first-come-first-served basis.

Inquiries regarding sponsorship applications

Rikke Povlsen

Global Event Manager

+45 2868 6644


Alastair Richards

Business Development & Event Manager (Asia)

+65 8522 8799