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Event Information

The Global Offshore Wind Summit-Japan (GOWS-J) is Japan's leading offshore wind power event, aimed at leveraging Japan's significant potential and robust industrial foundation in offshore wind power generation.

Bringing together over 700 participants from domestic and international offshore wind power markets, this event features expert lectures, discussions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities. Additionally, it collaborates with host municipalities to contribute to regional consensus building on offshore wind power.

GOWS-J is organized jointly by the Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) under the Global Partner Agreement signed between the two organizations.


Tuesday, 3 and Wednesday, 4 September 2024





Sapporo Convention Center

1-1-1 Higashi-Sapporo 6-jo, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, 003-0006, Japan

How to Access

Download the event report of last year.(English only)

2021 Post Event Report

2022 Post Event Report

2023 Post Event Report

Contents #1


GOWS-J 2023 Conference

At GOWS-J 2024, the conference sessions will be held in two paid venues (Large Hall Area A/Special Conference Room) and one free venue (Small Hall). The paid venues will host sessions including opening remarks, speeches by organizers (2), keynote speeches (4), invited speeches (4), special speeches (2), specialized lectures (13), and panel discussions (5). The free venue will host Round table discussions (4) and mini-sessions (8) on specialized topics.

Additionally, all sessions will be available for later viewing through archived video streaming (for approximately two weeks).

To see the program of conference sessions, click here*Jump to program page.

Conference Program
GOWS-J 2023

At GOWS-J, we host an Official Dinner Party aimed at fostering networking among participants. The event features a traditional sake barrel opening ceremony led by representatives, along with attractions showcasing local traditional arts, which have been well-received by attendees every year.

Guests can enjoy meals and drinks while freely interacting with speakers and offshore wind power stakeholders from around the world. The Official Dinner Party for GOWS-J 2024 will be held at the Sapporo Park Hotel ( starting at 18:30 after the conclusion of the first day's conference sessions.

Participation in the Official Dinner Party is open to attendees who have purchased tickets including dinner party attendance (S Ticket or A Ticket) as part of the conference ticket category, or those who have purchased separate Official Dinner Party tickets.


Contents #2

*For Free

Exhibition Booth (Business, Industrial Cluster, Embassy)

At GOWS-J 2024, industrial exhibitions will be held in the Large Hall B Area. Numerous booths will be set up by embassy units, industrial clusters, domestic and international offshore wind-related companies, and local governments. Each booth will feature poster panels, video presentations, and displays of products and services. Visitors can not only learn about the exhibiting companies but also engage in brief discussions at designated negotiation tables, fostering potential new business opportunities.Additionally, some exhibitors will host mini-sessions (presentations) in the 1st-floor conference rooms (101/102).

GOWS-J 2023 Exhibition Booth

Business Networking

At GOWS-J, various opportunities for business networking among participants will be available at different locations and times. During coffee breaks at the conference, as well as during lunchtime and the dinner party, attendees can discover new connections and business opportunities. Additionally, dedicated time slots for business networking are scheduled, including:

1. Networking:

Networking sessions by embassies and entrepreneurship clusters, featuring entrepreneurial presentations and casual networking with light refreshments, will be held in the 1st-floor conference rooms (107/108).

2. Exhibition Area:

Both private paid negotiation spaces and open free negotiation areas will be provided.

3. Business Matching Zone:

A joint business matching venue will be set up to facilitate the creation of domestic and international business opportunities.

GOWS-J 2022 Business Matching Zone

Regional Consensus Building Booth #1
(Industry-Academia Collaboration/ Women's Empowerment/ Local Government Initiatives)

GOWS-J aims to promote consensus building in the host region by showcasing initiatives related to renewable energy, including offshore wind power, and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Here's an overview of the exhibition booth:

1. Industry-Academia Collaboration:

Planned activities include presentations of research findings on offshore wind power and SDGs by university research institutions and students through poster sessions and mini-sessions. Additionally, there will be networking opportunities between young professionals in the wind power industry and university students.

2. Women's Empowerment:

As part of efforts to promote diversity in the wind power industry, poster sessions and round table discussions featuring women who are active in the wind power industry domestically and internationally are scheduled.

3. Municipal Initiatives:

Poster sessions and mini-sessions will be organized to showcase initiatives related to offshore wind power, renewable energy, and SDGs by municipalities in Hokkaido and those involved in offshore wind power.

GOWS-J 2023 Regional Consensus Building Booth

Regional Consensus Building Booth #2
(Offshore Wind Power Archives/ Experience Event)

1. Offshore Wind Power Archives:

A poster session will be held to compile various data and materials concerning offshore wind power, including global statistics, contributions to combating global warming, contributions to industries, and potential impacts (concerns) of constructing offshore wind power facilities. The session aims to provide local residents in development areas with easily understandable information to foster a correct understanding of offshore wind power. Additionally, photo panels of offshore wind farms from around the world will be exhibited.

2. Experience Event:

This section will feature displays of models and actual components related to offshore wind power, as well as an experiential area showcasing equipment related to O&M (Operations and Maintenance).

GOWS-J 2023 Regional Consensus Building Booth


Conference tickets

Conference tickets come in two types: on-site attendance and online streaming. On-site tickets offer three options: conference-only, conference with dinner party, and conference with lunch, making it easy to choose based on your preferences. Additionally, for those who can only attend for one day due to scheduling constraints, we offer One-day tickets. All ticket types include access to archived video recordings of all presentations for two weeks after the event.

Side event tickets

Side event tickets include options for those exclusively attending the dinner party and tickets for the Ishikari Shinko Offshore Wind Farm tour on September 5th. Both options have limited availability, so it's advisable to book early.

Participation ticket sales start date: April 15, 2024

To apply for Conference (paid) tickets and Optional Event tickets (Official Dinner Party, Side Event Tours), please proceed to apply through the JTB system "AMARYS" accessible via the registration button on this website. If you are using it for the first time, you will need to register for a My Page account. "AMARYS" also accepts reservations for "Obento (lunch box)" during lunchtime and hotel accommodation applications within Sapporo city.To see the user guide of Amalis, click here

Participation ticket sales start date: April 15, 2024

If you wish to attend only the "Exhibition, Business Networking, and Regional Consensus Building Booth" (Free Admission Zone), there is no participation fee. The Free Admission Zone includes the Entrance Hall, the Large Hall B Area, all small conference rooms on the 2nd floor, and the 2nd-floor Small Hall.To participate, advance registration is required either on an individual or group basis. Details regarding the pre-registration process will be provided on this website around June 2024.


At GOWS-J 2024, we are seeking strong "Partner-Sponsors" to collaborate with the organizer and co-organizers in successfully bringing this event to fruition. GOWS-J is supported by numerous international companies involved in offshore wind power generation. Sponsors serve as both financial "supporters" of the event and key "casts" in its composition. On the other hand, sponsoring companies have the opportunity not only to widely promote their brand to the global offshore wind power community but also to discover new partners and exponentially expand business possibilities. Sponsors of GOWS-J are guaranteed priority access. We look forward to your sponsorship support.

Sponsor recruitment starts: March 15, 2024

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